Anna & Jon Wedding - 09th June 2018

Larger than life? An amazing couple? Fun to the max? What can be said about Anna & Jon? We don’t think you could accurately describe them other than to say they are perfect!!


With all the trials and tribulations on the lead up to the day, how cool was the day itself? Just a testament to Anna & Jon themselves that they had the day that they did.


Before the ceremony, Anna took the girls to the pub and enjoyed pulling a pint, drinking a pint and laying like a lady of the manor on the bar. Brilliant!!


The ceremony was great fun, with lots of laughing and the vows were lovely. Exiting to a bubble corridor, the celebrations began and never really stopped. Loved the self-served, ploughman’s lunch as the wedding breakfast. That was a great idea.


Only Anna & Jon could commandeer a boat that was traveling down the river and then actually get on board for a ‘Titanic’ shoot. Just amazing!!


The party was so much fun, with dirty dancing and the resulting wardrobe malfunctions, a flying bride, a groom crawling bridesmaid (ask Sarah Anna…..) and lots of other brilliant moments, it was a party to last long in the memory.


Thank you for making James feel so welcome, he had a wonderful day with you all.


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Mieska and James

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